New graphic identity

New graphic identity

It is with great pleasure that we reveal to you at the beginning of April our new graphic identity!
10 years after the creation of Thermolaquage 21 (TL21) by Michel Bossi and under the dynamic carried by the MH Industries group which we joined in 2015, the company gives life to its new visual identity!
The objective of this change is to create a visual identity consistent with that of the MH Industries group.
This new identity is therefore an opportunity to more broadly express the dynamic and growth vision of the company and the group.
In a world where there is more and more information, it is necessary to distinguish ourselves while remaining ourselves.
In collaboration with the company Quatrys, we have thus worked on a graphic identity in coherence with the other companies of the group while retaining part of our identity.
In this sense, the acronym in the form of an M crossed with the H recalls the first letters of the group “MH” (for Matthieu Hede, CEO) as well as the different “lines” next to each other forming a harmonious whole which represents the activities and complementary know-how within the group. Powder coating 21, which now wishes to communicate under the name TL21, nevertheless retains part of its identity through the color with the red present on the old visual identity and which allows it to be immediately identified in relation to the other companies in the group.
Deemed as modern, in the image of the dynamism of our company and the employees, this new visual identity is already adopted by all the employees.
In order to support our long-standing partners as well as the most recent, we will communicate widely on this change of visual identity in order to ensure a transition in the best conditions.
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